Photography was my way of capturing the memories I was making to share them. 

I began my journey as a photographer in 2013. I had served 3 years of a 5 year enlistment in the armed forces and realized I had no photos to one day look back on, to share with my kids and grandkids ones day. I was that moment I decided I would buy my first camera and begin documenting my journey in the military but also the memories my family and I were making everyday. 

I enjoyed taking photos the moment I began. I also quickly realized I had an eye for predicting when those special moments would happen and placing myself in the right place to capture them. In 2018, I opened my business and began capturing memories and helping create beautiful portraits for people. 

Now on my third year as professional photographer I have gotten the pleasure to work for companies where I helped capture the essence of who they are as a brand. I've gotten the privilege to be a part weddings, quinceaneras, and baby showers capturing their special day and memories so that they can enjoy them for a lifetime, and I've gotten many of my images submitted to various publications and most recently being published in the December issue of Dreamy Magazine.

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